Taking care of your Troutdale, Oregon home might feel like a costly and never-ending job. As soon as one thing is fixed, it’s time to maintain or repair another. While you might put off the little things while focusing on the bigger issues, one task you should never put on hold is AC maintenance. Routine air conditioner maintenance can have a tremendous effect on your cooling system’s performance and your household’s health and safety. Here are the five biggest reasons to get your AC serviced regularly.

1. Maintain the Protections Provided By Your AC Warranties

For the first five years following their installation, most air conditioners are protected by manufacturer warranties. Throughout this time, any problems resulting from defective manufacturing or defective materials are completely covered. Manufacturer warranties can significantly reduce your out-of-pocket repair costs.

Air conditioners may also be covered by home warranties or home service agreements. If you purchased a home warranty that covers both your home appliances and your home systems, this agreement will typically cover the cost of replacements or repairs resulting from aging or general wear.

If your air conditioner is damaged by a flood, fire, lightning strike, or another covered peril, the cost of replacement or repairs will likely be paid by your home insurance company. With a comprehensive home insurance plan, a home warranty, and an active manufacturer warranty, you may be able to sidestep AC repair and replacement costs entirely. However, having regular AC maintenance performed is essential if you want to preserve these benefits.

Additionally, insurance companies and warranty issuers often require homeowners to schedule professional AC tune-up services at least once a year. This service limits the likelihood of claims-related issues and keeps their spending to a minimum. Your warranty agreements and insurance policies are mutually binding contracts. These documents establish the provisions that companies are willing to make on your behalf. They also detail the requirements that you’re responsible for meeting. When you submit a warranty or insurance claim, you may be asked to provide proof of regular AC service. Diligence in scheduling routine maintenance will cut your costs and preserve your warranty and insurance protections. It will also make your life much easier by keeping your AC functioning.

2. Keep Minor Issues From Turning Into Major and Costly Repairs

During AC maintenance service, our technicians can identify minor issues and correct them early on. This can include replacing worn or damaged parts. However, it can also entail making slight adjustments that minimize wear and optimize performance. For instance, if your home feels clammy or muggy when your air conditioner is running, your AC fan speed may be running too high. Slowing your AC fan down will extend your air conditioner’s cooling cycles and give your equipment more time to regulate indoor humidity. It will also slow the rate of ongoing wear and make your air conditioner last a bit longer.

With annual AC maintenance, you can also limit unpleasant surprises. Performance tune-ups greatly reduce the risk of outright failure during times of high cooling demand. Scheduling professional tune-up services from year to year also makes it easier to track the lifespan of home cooling equipment. This gives our clients ample time to plan and prepare for the inevitability of AC replacement.

3. Optimize Your Home Comfort

There are countless ways in which routine AC maintenance can make the interior of your home more comfortable. AC tune-up service includes a comprehensive inspection of all your cooling equipment, thorough cleaning of all interior and exterior components, calibration of your thermostat, and more. An air conditioner that’s been professionally maintained will keep your indoor air from feeling muggy and oppressive. It will also effectively remove common allergens and contaminants from your living environment.

Well-maintained air conditioners distribute cooled air evenly so that building interiors have comfortable, uniform temperatures throughout. If you fail to schedule your seasonal AC maintenance, you could have hot and cold spots throughout your home, high levels of allergens floating through your indoor air, and enough humidity to create the perfect conditions for mold.

4. Protect Your Home

Failing and poorly maintained air conditioners can cause significant property damage. During the cool season when your air conditioner is dormant, algae can proliferate within its condensate drain line. The algae growth can create blockages that affect general AC performance, but they can also lead to overflowing drain pans, pooling water on your floor, pervasive odors, and more. This excess moisture can also prove extremely attractive to ants and other insects.

In other words, professional air conditioner maintenance can be an important part of your pest prevention plan. This is just as true at your air conditioner’s outdoor compressor/condenser unit as it is at the condensate drain line. When your condenser and condenser coils are cleaned and maintained, our HVAC technicians will check for potential openings and infestations. From removing animal droppings and nests to shoring up access points, we’ll take measures to protect your AC equipment and your indoor air quality. Keeping insects and animals from congregating near your home is also a great way to limit the likelihood of in-building infestations.

5. Lower Your Home Energy Bill and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Finally, tuning your air conditioner up will help you maintain a modest home energy bill throughout the summer season. You won’t have to dread turning your air conditioner on when the mercury rises if your cooling equipment has been professionally optimized for efficiency. Our efforts to ensure excellent airflow and minimal AC stress reduce the amount of energy that air conditioners need to get their jobs done. Your air conditioner will be able to reach and maintain the indoor temperature you want more easily and efficiently.

Many homeowners make the mistake of investing in the most efficient air conditioners they can find and then failing to provide the necessary upkeep. Even a highly efficient AC can underperform if its evaporator and condenser coils are coated in grime or if its condensate line is blocked. With routine maintenance, you can get the value and performance you paid for. You can also ensure that this important investment lasts as long as it should.

If you’re concerned about your carbon footprint and want to find ways to lower your energy consumption, scheduling an AC performance tune-up is an easy and sure way to reach your goals. With a properly maintained air conditioner, you can reduce your carbon footprint without having to suffer in the summer heat. Many homeowners see dramatic decreases in their energy costs and energy use without making any significant changes in their daily habits. In other words, you can keep your home cool and comfortable and still limit your impact on the natural environment.

We’re committed to helping residents of Portland, Vancouver, Boise, OR, and the surrounding areas and the surrounding area optimize and protect their home cooling equipment. We’ve been providing quality heating, cooling, and plumbing service since 1984. We also offer sewer line replacements, sewer camera line inspections, and drain cleaning services. To schedule annual maintenance for your air conditioner, contact Apollo Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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