If you fear the excessive excavation of your yard or landscape just to repair a few broken pipes, worry no more because Apollo Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, located in the Gresham, Oregon area, now offers a trenchless repair method that avoids the need to dig up your landscape. This trenchless repair method is an eco-friendly practice that saves time and preserves the landscape at the same time. Here are 5 reasons why dig-and-replace repairs are more expensive than trenchless repairs.

Reason number one is the fact that dig-and-replace repairs involve the need to excessively excavate your yard or landscape just to repair or replace an area of the pipe. This method is expensive and time-consuming because of the extra step of having to dig up your yard. The trenchless repair method does not require this step, often avoiding digging up your landscape altogether with such services as replacing your pipe with a CIPP-lined pipe. By avoiding this need to dig up and replace pipes, it saves you time and money when you need your pipes to be repaired or replaced.

The second reason why the dig-and-replace repair method is more expensive than the trenchless counterpart is the fact that it takes more time than the trenchless method does. Because of the need for this outdated process to excavate landscape to reach pipes, the simple need to fix a broken pipe may stretch out into days of work to fix, which ultimately costs you more. The trenchless repair method is faster, often repairing pipes on the same day.

The third reason is the fact that inspections, much like the repairing process, involve the problematic process of inspecting the pipes, a process that is done before any technicians or specialists can even repair your pipes. With the dig-and-replace method, these professionals often experience difficulty during inspections because they need to inspect the pipes in person to determine any need for repairs. As you can imagine, this process is more expensive and time-consuming due to this, whereas the trenchless method saves people time and money during this key initial step.

The fourth and fifth reason why the dig-and-replace method may be more expensive than the trenchless method is due to any damage that may happen to your home or business, which may ultimately result in higher prices. If the unfortunate event may occur that another pipe, your home, or even your landscape is damaged too excessively, it may result in you needing to pay to get them fixed and/or replaced, ultimately resulting in a higher cost. Because the trenchless method avoids digging up your yard, it avoids the possibility of causing more damage.

If you live in the Oregon area and need your pipes fixed or replaced, call Apollo Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning today to try their offered trenchless repairs and experience this state-of-the-art technology.

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