An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Those are wise words and apply to more than your health. Preventative maintenance is the surest way to avoid sewer line backups.

You can take care of your pipes with easy, common-sense habits. When it’s time for stronger methods, Apollo Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning can perform routine maintenance that keeps a sewer line in good shape.

If your pipes are already damaged, you should know that we can repair or replace pipes without wrecking your yard. We have a couple of different techniques that don’t require digging.

Maintenace to Keep Your Pipes Clear

Taking care of a sewer line depends in part on what type of pipes run from your home to the public line. Clay pipes, for example, are vulnerable to tree roots. PVC and other types of pipes have fewer problems with roots but can develop clogs or scale.

Here are some ways a plumber can maintain your sewer.

Inspection: Technicians can perform a sewer scope or video inspection. The pictures reveal impending problems. The video will show what type of pipes you have and will reveal what’s creating a clog.

Hydro jetting: We can clean PVC and other types of pipes with a high-powered jet of water. Pipes can develop scale or a buildup of grease. Hydro jet sewers once a year to prevent buildup.

Watch out for roots: We can remove tree roots that invade a pipe. We use a rotating blade or with a special nozzle on a hydro Jetter. We may also recommend following the cleaning with a growth inhibitor. For a recurring problem, plan to have the roots removed yearly. Eventually, you may want to replace the pipe with one that doesn’t allow roots to invade.

Research your options for pipe repair: If your sewer regularly gives you problems, talk to us about solutions. Research online about different sewer-repair techniques. Trenchless repairs, such as CPP, cured-in-place pipe, and directional drilling or boring, are alternatives to traditional repairs that require digging.

Don’t Throw These Things into a Toilet or Drain

Here’s the condensed version of how to care for a sewer line: The only thing that goes into a toilet is human waste and toilet paper.

Everything else, including so-called flushable wet wipes, has the potential to cause clogs. Wipes don’t degrade and can eventually form a mass. Don’t flush them.

Here is a more extensive list of what not to put in a toilet or drain:

Don’t flush cotton swabs, bandages, disposable diapers, baby wipes, paper towels, feminine hygiene products, cigarette butts, hair, or any other random refuse. Toss these things in the trash.

Don’t pour into the drain: paint, oil, grease, lawn-care chemicals, food (unless you have a garbage disposal).

Also, don’t dispose of prescription drugs by sending them into the sewer. They won’t create a clog, but drugs will cause sewer rats to grow to the size of a grizzly bear. Just kidding. Prescription drugs don’t belong in the sewer system because they will eventually end up in the water, potentially harming fish and wildlife.

Apollo Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning serve the Portland and Vancouver metro area. Contact us for help with your sewer.

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