The old way of repairing a pipe is more than messy. It requires digging that damages the landscape. During the destruction, there’s also the potential to damage old plumbing systems.

A Non-Destructive Way to Repair Pipes

CIPP or CURED-IN-PLACE PIPE is a non-destructive way to repair pipes. Is CIPP safe for old pipes? Yes. It makes a stable pipe-within-a-pipe repair without the need for excavation. CIPP uses an environmentally friendly method. During the repair, the old pipe is not disturbed. It stays intact, serving as a frame for a new flexible liner.

The pipe system beneath our homes and office buildings dispatches gray water and shuttles away sewage. Over time, this system rusts, cracks, and becomes clogged. It is ultimately necessary to replace some or all of the pipes.

Eco-friendly Trenchless Repair

CIPP repair is eco-friendly, not to mention beneficial to the surrounding landscape.
Using CIPP is a much safer way and more economical way to repair or replace a pipe than digging trenches. An excavation site is hazardous both for workers and passersby. CIPP technicians can often insert a flexible liner into an old pipe through a cleanout or other existing opening.

Efficient and Economical

These no-dig techniques save time and money when replacing an existing pipe. A closed-circuit sewer inspection system is often used in CIPP repairs. The technician works by watching and controlling the entire process via a video monitor.

CIPP is a steam-cured fiberglass and epoxy system that allows for a no-dig solution to broken pipes. The liner is placed in the pipe, expanded, and cured in place.

Because CIPP doesn’t require digging, it’s more cost-effective than repairs that require excavation. Digging up the ground adds time to the project and requires more personnel. Once the pipe is in place your lawn or landscape will need to be replanted. With trenchless repairs, yards, garden beds, roads and sidewalks remain undisturbed.

Our CIPP technicians earn certification by graduating from a week-long training course. Not every company has the expertise to make dependable CIPP repairs. Our crew can safely and quickly make the repairs, ensuring a dependable pipe that’s easy on the environment.

CIPP works on pipes 2 – 48 inches in diameter. It can repair sections of pipe up to 150 feet in length. This technology can be used to repair horizontal or vertical pipes. It can fix lateral connections in residential or commercial buildings.

Call Oregon’s Leader in CIPP Repairs

Apollo Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning is the leading provider of CIPP repairs in the Portland metro area. Is this clean, modern system of trenchless pipe replacement right for your home or business? Contact us today to learn more.

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