What is included in your Commercial HVAC Maintenance Agreement with Apollo Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning?

Commercial HVAC Maintenance Agreement

Keeping a comfortable, energy-efficient building is a year-long commitment -but the good news is that the task is simple enough to achieve. Installing the proper Commercial and Industrial HVAC system is the first step and proper maintenance is the second.

What a Commercial HVAC Maintenance Agreement Provides

A typical maintenance agreement includes all the Cleaning, Calibration, and Maintenance required for your commercial and Industrial HVAC systems such as Unit Heaters, Rooftop AC units, Control Systems, Automation Systems and more. Some of the typical maintenance tasks include:

  • Commercial HVAC maintenance
  • Cleaning Burners and Flame Sensors & Blower
  • Inspecting the Heat Exchanger
  • Measuring Flue Gasses
  • Inspecting the Pilot Light or Ignition System
  • Replace RTU Belts
  • Changing Air Filters
  • Testing Safeties and Controls

  • Changing Air Filters and Balancing Airflow
  • Cleaning evaporators and condensers
  • Checking refrigerant levels and pressures
  • Cleaning condensate drains
  • Testing compressors, start capacitors, and relays
  • Measuring current and voltage of motors
  • Inspecting electrical systems, safeties, and controls

  • Replace Exhaust Fan Belts
  • Grease Pulley Wheels

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