No matter how good older homes look on the outside, they often come with their fair share of problems, particularly if they haven’t been maintained properly. Although a home’s exterior may appear updated and new, the skeleton of an old house still exists on the inside.

Various Types of Pipes

Understanding the type of plumbing materials in an older home can make the repair decisions more straightforward. It also enables plumbers to provide you with a more detailed assessment before work begins.
A plumbing system is usually a mix of different types of pipes, which are utilized for various purposes, such as:

  • Galvanized. Old galvanized pipes produce discolored water and are highly susceptible to leaks. If you are repairing faucets or toilets repeatedly, you probably have galvanized pipes.
  • Concrete. Concrete doesn’t deteriorate, but it does shift and move under the foundation of the home. The result is cracks and leaks.
  • Cast iron. Cast iron pipes were traditionally used before 1960 for vent stacks, vertical drains, and sometimes horizontal drain lines. Unfortunately, it rusts and deteriorates over time.

Although valves wear out, hoses break, and appliances fail, the underlying network of pipes should last as long as the house itself if maintained properly.

Causes of Blocked Drains

Sewer pipes are installed under the concrete foundation when a house is being built. Over time, the home shifts, causing dips to form in the piping. As the dips worsen, sewage, sediment, residue, and other debris settle inside the bellies, causing obstructed drains that back up continuously.

Other Older Home Plumbing Problems

Anything that is attached to water heaters, drains, pipes, and all other plumbing systems need to be checked thoroughly on a regular basis, particularly if they haven’t been properly maintained or used for years. As parts age, they corrode and require replacement. Some of those components include:

  • Supply lines
  • Faucets
  • Angle stops
  • Shut-off valves

Sometimes a valve on a line may appear fine, so you might not think there’s a problem. However, if it’s decades old and isn’t functional, it needs to be replaced.

The attractive details of older homes, such as hardwood floors, crown molding, and leaded glass windows, are not found in newer construction. Unfortunately, some elements have become problematic, such as plumbing.

The most efficient way to avoid any unanticipated costs is to plan. Involving a knowledgeable plumber from the very beginning phases of your project will provide you with a clear picture of the project’s budget, and help avoid paying for any rework in the future.

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