When a plumbing emergency strikes, you need to know where to turn. Hiring a Happy Valley plumber isn’t something that you should take lightly, of course. While there are excellent professionals out there, you’ll also find plenty of untrustworthy plumbers that will do shoddy work and leave you holding the bag. How do you ensure that you’ve found a trustworthy Happy Valley plumber to tackle the worst plumbing issues in your home?

  1. Better Business Bureau

    One of the surest signs that you’re working with a plumber that’s going to do a good job is that they will have an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. This shows that they are dedicated to providing good service to their customers, handling disputes promptly, and are unlikely to charge you unfairly for the work completed.

  2. They Don’t Try to Upsell You

    Sure, there are probably things that you need to do with your plumbing system at some point, but your plumber shouldn’t try to upsell you on non-essential services. They should focus on handling the problem at hand, and on letting you know that you may need to do something else down the road as appliances and piping age over time.

  3. They Are Licensed

    One of the vital things to consider when hiring a Happy Valley plumber is checking whether or not they’re licensed. All plumbers in Happy Valley (as well as Portland and Vancouver) must be licensed to complete work on your property, but don’t just take their word for it. Ask for proof and if they cannot show you their license, find another plumber.

  4. They Show Evidence of the Plumbing Problem

    It’s all well and good for a plumber to tell you that a particular problem is causing the issues you’re experiencing, but that doesn’t necessarily make it so. There are scams out there, including the one in which an untrustworthy plumber claims you have a faulty sewer line. This sort of trap can cause unwitting homeowners to spend thousands of dollars on a service they don’t need. Make sure that the plumber shows you proof of the problem before you pony up the cash to have it repaired.

  5. The Work Is Guaranteed

    No Happy Valley plumber should be considered trustworthy if there is no guarantee of the work performed. Most materials have a warranty or some sort of guarantee from the manufacturer, but it is up to the plumber to complete the work correctly. You could wind up paying for the same job to be performed twice if you do not ask about whether their work is guaranteed before hiring a plumber.

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