It seems that every pipe pitfall has a season. Summer plumbing problems differ from those that happen in winter. You won’t need to worry about frozen fixtures during warm weather. If the water heater gives up the ghost in August, it won’t be as tragic as it would be in January. Still, just because it’s summer, that doesn’t mean the living is always easy. Here are some ways you can avoid summer plumbing problems.

Watch out for Clogged Drains, Toilets and Sewers

Summer is a common time to see clogged drains and toilets because people are at home more and using plumbing more frequently. A backed-up pipe is a nightmare and can be expensive and time-consuming to fix. Avoid clogs by keeping drains clean and free of debris. Place sink strainers in the kitchen. Reduce your dependence on garbage disposal by composting. Don’t put things down the drains that could potentially cause a problem. Kitchen grease in particular can clog pipes.

Be Careful of What you Put in the Garbage Disposal

Summer barbecues and cookouts are a lot of fun but don’t overtax your garbage disposal with all of the cleanups. Garbage disposal is designed for light-duty so don’t treat it like an industrial-strength trash compactor. Never put bones, hard fruit or vegetables, oils, or grease down into garbage disposal. Hard items can damage the blades and clog the disposal. Oils and grease harden and build up in pipes. Clean your disposal now and then by letting it grind ice. If the drain smells bad, put a little lemon juice in the drain and let it run through the disposal.

Watch for Washing Machine Hose Leakage

With the kids home from school, there is likely to be more laundry to wash. Be sure that you check the hoses at the back of your washing machine for any leaks and if you do notice something wrong, have the hoses replaced right away.

Be Aware of Problems with Your Sprinkling System

Automatic sprinkler systems can break, so be sure to test the system before the worst of summer’s heat. Old heads may need to be replaced, having been lost over winter. This will allow you to be ready to keep your yard and garden green and growing, even when it’s hot outside

Summer plumbing problems can be a challenge, so making sure that you maintain your home’s plumbing system throughout the year is very important. Apollo Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help you with inspections and maintenance year-round. [Contact us today][1] or call us at (503) 395-0256 for a free estimate.

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