Now that the CDC has recommended that all people who go outside their homes wear face masks, many are scrambling to find something that will cover their noses and mouths. While a bandana or a scarf will do in a pinch, they aren’t the most comfortable or effective ways to cover the face.

Here’s what you need to know to make a comfortable, effective face mask with very little work.

Choose Your Material

While you may not have anything lying around your house that is as effective at blocking particles as an N95 mask, many common household materials are more effective than you might think. Consider the chart and choose the materials you have available. Note that most masks require multiple layers, which can increase protection.

To Sew or Not to Sew

If you are comfortable sewing and have a machine at the ready, then you can find any number of mask tutorials online. You can choose between masks that tie behind the ears, those that have elastic, and those that tie behind the head. You can also choose masks with space for wire over the nose and holes where you can insert a filter.

No-Sew Face Mask Tutorial

If you have a bandana or a square piece of material about that size and two large hair ties, it’s easy to make your mask.

Fold the material in thirds by first folding the top third down, then the bottom third up. It doesn’t have to be perfect.
Slide the hair ties onto the mask so they are about 6 inches apart.
Fold the material on the outside of each hair tie into the middle.
Loop the hair ties over your ears and place the material over your mouth and nose.
Adjust as needed. You may need to move the hair ties out. You can also insert a filter between the layers of fabric for added protection.

No-Sew Face Mask Tutorial

If you have an old t-shirt, it’s easy to make a mask. It helps if the t-shirt has at least a little bit of stretch to it.

Cut off the bottom 7-8 inches of the t-shirt. Leave it as a tube – do not cut it so it is flat.
From one side of the double-thick band of fabric, measure one inch down from the top. Measure again, one inch up from the bottom. Mark these spots.
Then measure 6-7 inches in from one side. Make a rectangle using these three marks, with the edge of the t-shirt as one side.
Cut this rectangle out.
Cut the 1-inch strings so you can tie them behind your head.
Place the mask on your face and tie the strings behind your head. Adjust as needed.
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