Cured-in-place piping (CIPP) is one of many trenchless methods to complete repairs on aging or damaged pipelines. Used for rehabilitating storm drains, sanitary sewers, and some types of pressure pipelines, CIPP is essentially felt tubing usually made of fiberglass cloth or polyester that’s been saturated in resin. This liner forms a close bond to the original pipe and acts as a shield against leaking, intrusive roots, normal wear-and-tear, and other common forms of damage common to underground pipelines.

Applicable to pipes between 2” and 12” in diameter, CIPP is much less destructive than replacing entire pipelines and also provides extra support for weakened joints by restoring the structural integrity of the pipe as a whole.

Cipp: No Digging Required

In the old days, sewer repair would take days or weeks to complete and force homeowners to have their driveways, lawns, sidewalks, floors or streets ripped up just to repair and replace pipes in poor condition. These intrusive methods would upend households for an extended period as the structure’s entire plumbing system would be shut down.
The greatest advantage of CIPP is that it’s essentially a no-dig operation, meaning pipe repair is far less invasive than methods used in the past. Through one or two small access holes, technicians can use CIPP to repair tears and breaks in the pipeline without the expensive hassle of tearing up your front lawn.
This translates to a lower overall cost for homeowners as technicians require fewer hours of time and labor for pipe repairs. Most CIPP jobs can be finished in one day. Plus, homeowners who choose this method do not need to restore landscaping, pavement, and other kinds of structures that would otherwise be damaged from traditional pipe repair methods.

How Cipp Can Protect Historical Landmarks

For historical landmarks and other types of designated structures, plumbing systems get hit hard after decades of use. Traditional pipe-repairing methods can easily deface these significant buildings or cause irreversible damage, depending on the scope of the repairs. Especially with the abundance of historical landmarks in the Portland and Vancouver areas, CIPP is an excellent option for repairing pipelines of old buildings without endangering the surrounding environment.

Hire an Expert Technician for Pipe Repairs

Need pipe repairs but don’t want to have to dig up your property? Contact the experts at Apollo Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning for a free estimate to see if CIPP is the best solution for your needs.

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