At Apollo Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, an important facet of our work includes cleaning services to restore drains and pipes to proper functionality. Not only are our solutions based on eco-friendly, safe processes, but we also are proud to offer several types of solutions so that we are prepared for any situation.

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    Drain cleaning can be used to not only wash away debris but to remove obstructions and unclog the drains as well.

    The symptoms that a drain cleaning or unclogging session may be needed may include:
    • Slow-moving drains
    • Backups in the bathtub
    • Inconsistent water levels in the toilet

    Because clogs have the capacity to become large-scale problems very quickly, our team takes diagnosing the cause of these symptoms seriously. We don’t waste time with excavation or speculation. By taking an inside look at the condition of the pipes with waterproof cameras that are small but powerful and produce high-quality footage, we can ensure that the clog or obstruction will be completely removed. We not only diagnose that the clog is the source of the problem, but we also take the time to pinpoint its location and determine its size, density, and composition. All of this information gives us what we need to effectively clean the pipes.

    After determining what’s causing the blockage, one of our plumbers will recommend the preferred cleaning solution to effectively clean and unclog the pipes in your home or business, depending on what is needed.

    Our solutions include:

    Also known as cabling, we snake a coiled metal wire down the pipe while we rotate on our end to unclog drains. This method works best for cleaning out drains clogged with hair and debris, such as sinks and showers.

    Apollo Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning offers comprehensive rooter services, including emergency clog removals or regular maintenance services. Our machines operate by snaking a rotating cable with an attached blade through your pipes. The blades will dislodge the build-up due to grease, soap, tree roots, and other foreign objects. Our experts don’t require large holes to insert our equipment through, instead of relying on entry points through drains, resulting in a process that is minimally invasive, preserving your home and property.

    We train our service professionals in the most cost-effective ways to resolve drain problems, as well as ensure that they effectively use the tools properly. Without proper training, snaking tools can cause damage inside of the pipes, but our team is well-versed in these tools and will remove the clog quickly and efficiently. If the clog is small and easy to remove, our service professionals will defer to using snaking tools and equipment to remove them accordingly.

    When greasy, insolvent substances build up in your pipes, we use high-pressure jets of water to clear away the blockage. Hydro jetting is ideally used for industrial kitchens and other locations with a consistent buildup of grease.

    Hydro jetting is a process in which the sewer pipes are scrubbed clean by streams of high-pressure water shooting from a hose at up to 3,500 PSI. This allows the sewer lines to be cleaned quickly and efficiently with high-velocity water pressure. The streams of high-pressure water, emitting from the forward and reverse jets in the nozzle, propel the hose through the line to remove debris such as hard water scale, silt, sand, and grease deposits.

    With special root nozzles, we can clean and clear most of the roots, rust, and debris to prepare the line for possible CIPP lining reinstatement if the pipe needs to be repaired. The water pressure in the hydro jetting process can be regulated to accommodate specific drains like kitchen sinks, floor drains, storm or drain systems, and main sewer lines. We have portable electric systems for inside your home or business and large gas and trailer units for exterior issues. This system not only clears the drain of visible obstructions but cleans the drain of waste accumulation, restoring its original diameter and making hydro jetting a service that can be relied on for maintenance efforts.

    Grease, grime, soaps, and detergents can build up over time and cause blockages in household drains. Apollo Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning provides the most professional drain cleaning and maintenance services across Oregon and Washington. Whether it’s from the buildup of grease or debris, our service professionals can clear the most difficult drain or clog. With frequent cleanings conducted throughout the year, our experts can keep clog formations to a minimum while keeping your pipes operating smoothly.

    Vacuum excavation is a new technology that promotes environmental protection and increased safety and efficiency on residential and commercial job sites. Vacuum excavation describes the process of employing high-pressure water to cut and break down soil while a vacuum removes the sludge created from the excavation process into a tank, all completed from a truck.

    The vacuum excavation process doesn’t create excessive property damage and saves space that would typically be needed for the traditional, dig-and-replace sewer repair process. Because the process can be completed from the truck, this makes the process versatile and encourage precise, minimally invasive work that doesn’t upheave properties and nearby traffic.

    At Apollo Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, we incorporate this technology into many of our services, including hydro jetting, car wash debris extraction, trenching and excavation, utility potholing, tank cleaning, storm filter cartridge cleaning, tunneling, catch basin cleaning, and spoil or waste removal. This type of excavation enhances our work and keeps property damage low and non-obtrusive for homeowners. We strive to satisfy our customers, and our efforts to keep the process painless and eco-friendly is an important component of our work.

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    If you need your drains to be cleaned because of a dense clog or tree root clumps, Apollo Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning can get the job done. We will quickly eliminate any blockages and restore your drains back to normal. Call us today, and we will be happy to serve you with innovative, precise drain cleaning services.

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