Municipal Drain Cleaning

    Clogged drains are incredibly frustrating when discovered. They prevent municipal facilities from performing adequate waste removal when it is most needed. This is especially important in restaurants and school systems, where sanitation is held under extreme scrutiny for the safety of the public. If blockages are causing problems in such areas, this could point to a bigger issue in the underground systems as a whole.

    Municipal Drain Cleaning

    Should such problems arise, professionals are needed to ensure the safety and sanitation of the buildings the problem is residing within. This is where Apollo Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning service steps in. Having serviced drain and sewer pipe needs since 1984, our experienced and fully licensed service professionals can professionally and efficiently deliver expert care when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your pipes. Our guarantee ensures that we always show up on time and quickly perform the work required to get your drains running free and clear once again.

    How Do Drains Get Clogged?

    Drains become clogged when grease, hair, dirt, and soap scum build-up within the pipes, restricting the water flow and reducing the capacity for you to use your utilities. When this debris builds up too much, complete blockages can occur, increasing your risk of flooding in your building. Your employees or students must be educated on the proper material that is allowed to be flushed down the toilet to reduce the risk of clogs, as well as the importance of using a catchment system for disposing of grease rather than using the kitchen sink.

    Getting rid of a small clog may be easy, but if it is occurring too often you will increase the chance of severe damage occurring in the sewer pipe walls. Without paying due care to the health of your pipes, you will eventually have to pay thousands of dollars for a complete repair. With routine maintenance and immediate action when clogs occur, you can reduce your costs and prevent your system from requiring more extreme repair.

    Preventative Maintenance and Drain Cleaning

    Apollo Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning is committed to delivering the preventative maintenance and due care that your pipes need to function perfectly. We start by inspecting the length of your pipes using a camera, identifying problem areas to accurately diagnose the point of restriction and what is causing it. We then develop the most optimal strategy to solve the issue for good.

    24/7 Emergency Repair

    How We Clean Your Pipes

    How We Clean Your PipesThere are several methods that we use to remove the clog from your system. The easiest and most common way is to use an industrial drain snake. This flexible device is pushed through your pipes until it reaches the clog, at which point it becomes rigid enough to push and loosen the clog with the help of steel brushes. While snaking can remove hair, grease, and other small debris, more difficult blockages may require the use of hydro jetting devices. A hydro-jetting machine forcibly breaks down blockages using high-pressure water and can tackle extreme blockages caused by tree roots. This is the ideal solution for pipes that require a more direct approach. Our team will be able to accurately diagnose your issue to determine exactly which method is the most appropriate for the problem you are experiencing.

    Clogged drains are an unavoidable part of life and can pose a problem for even the most experienced janitor. In these times, turn to Apollo Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning. To discuss your options call us today.

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