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Slow drains are minor annoyances that can build up and cause clogs and constant backups. At Apollo Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, our experienced technicians can identify the cause of your pipe clogs and use green, eco-friendly methods to get the blockage out. Your Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA sewer lines will be restored and you’ll be free to go about your day.

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What's Clogging Your Drains?

Every day, we throw out hundreds, even thousands of household debris into waste bins and kitchen and bathroom drains. While most of these items pass through harmlessly, solid objects can become trapped and attract other material, eventually causing a clog.

At Apollo Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, we use the latest and most innovative solutions to maximize our customer’s savings. The first thing our capable technicians will do is to locate the source of the pipe clog problem. For this, we use a special camera affixed to a flexible fiber-optic line.

Each drain in your house may have a specific material that’s causing the problem.

  • Kitchen Sink: The main culprit for clogged pipes are kitchen grease and food particles.
  • Bathroom Sink: Hair is shed whenever we take a bath or a shower. Residue from soap, shampoo, and toothpaste often get stuck inside the pipes.
    Shower: Dirt, skin flakes, and soap scum build up as calcified matter and shrink your pipe’s inner diameter and flow over time.
  • Toilets: A clogged toilet can bring the day’s activities to a halt. Flushing incorrect items down the toilet, including baby wipes, dental floss, and feminine hygiene products can stay in the pipe and cause immediate backups and overflow.
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Apollo Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning Cleaning Methods For Removing Clogs

At Apollo Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, we recommend trenchless technologies and use the eco-friendly way to clean drain pipes whenever viable, but may still expertly execute traditional methods depending on the pipe condition.


Snaking, or cabling entails the use of a coiled metal that’s fed down to any open drain. Our expert technicians maneuver the snake to dislodge stuck debris and restore flow. This is our recommended method for clearing out hair and solid objects stuck in your shower or bathtub drains.

Rooter Services

Our technicians can operate a rotating cable with a blade attached and feed it down the problem pipe. The blades cut through the accumulation of calcified matter, tree roots, soap, grease, and other objects to restore sewer function.

Hydro Jetting

Instead of using commercially-produced drain cleaning chemicals, our technicians use highly pressurized water to clean your pipes. The hydro jetting equipment puts out jets of water, taking away clogs formed due to hard water, scale, and mineral buildup. Moreover, all grease, soil, dirt and tree roots are dislodged and carried away to the nearest municipal treatment plant. In the end, you’ll have a new pipe that has a restored diameter.

Call Apollo for Expert Clog Removal in Portland, or and Vancouver, Wa

At Apollo Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, we offer home and business owners in PortlandGresham OR and Vancouver, WA the most efficient way to restore their clogged pipes to working order. Our technicians can carry out regular maintenance and emergency clog removals as well.

If you notice consistent bathtub backups, slow-moving drains, and inconsistent water levels, give us a call and we’ll resolve your clog right away.

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Here are the plumbing service we provide:

Plumbing Services
Leaky Faucets
Low Water Pressure
Water Heater Installation
Water Heater Repair
Tankless Water Heater Installation
Cracked Pipe Repair
Slab Leak Repair
Sewer Backup

You can read about our plumbing service here on plumbing services overview page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my water bills higher than normal?

You probably have a leak somewhere. If you haven’t noticed any standing water, stained ceilings or drywall, or soggy spots, start by checking your toilets. Put a few drops of food coloring into your toilet tank and wait 15 minutes (do not flush while you’re waiting!). If you see color in your tank, it is leaking and the ball and/or flapper need to be replaced. If you can’t find your leak, give us a call and we’ll figure out where all that water is going. 

When should I get my septic system inspected?

We recommend a septic inspection at least once every three or four years. That way, you can catch problems before they become major issues. If your septic tank gets too full, you can end up with unwanted solids, like paper, flowing into your drain field. These will eventually block the pipes there, which can be very expensive to repair. 

My garbage disposal smells terrible! What can I do to get rid of the odor?

If your garbage disposal smells, there’s likely a buildup of food debris inside it. This debris can stick to the walls and refuse to drain. Get rid of the odor by placing ice cubes or citrus peels in it and running it for 30 seconds. Keep it running and squirt a generous helping of liquid dishwasher detergent into it. Finally, run cold water down the disposal for at least 30 seconds to wash any loosened debris away. If this doesn’t make your kitchen smell better, call us for further help. 

How can I prevent frozen pipes during the winter?

Avoid frozen pipes this winter by taking a few easy steps. Turn off your outside faucets and remove any hoses that are connected in them, allowing any water still in the pipes to drain out. Further waterproof your pipes with a kit or supplies from your local hardware store. Follow directions on the supplies to wrap and insulate your pipes this winter. If you have a sprinkler system, get it drained and blown out before the ground freezes. 

There’s a white substance on my shower heads and faucets. How do I get rid of that?

That white substance is mineral buildup and it may indicate that you have hard water. To remove it, pour a cup of vinegar into a bag. Tie the bag tightly around the faucet, so the mineral deposits are soaking in the vinegar. Leave it on overnight. In the morning, use a brush to scrape away the mineral deposits. If you can remove your sink aerators or your shower head, do so and simply soak them in vinegar overnight.

What is the best temperature for my hot water heater?

You may need to experiment to find out where you want to set the temperature on your hot water heater so you have enough hot water for your family’s needs but can save as much money as possible. Most people find that 120 degrees is the best setting for them. In fact, this is the standard that manufacturers use when they preset water heaters at the factory. If you can’t set yours to a particular temperature, start somewhere in the middle and work up or down from there. 

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4.8 Stars | 800+ Google Reviews
4.8 Stars | 800+ Google Reviews

    Apollo jetted the basement drain line in our old 1927 Portland house. The line has been backing up thru the floor drain for a while. The technician cleared out the line with the hydro-jet, and it’s running great now. On-time and professional!


    - Tim T., Google Review


    Apollo Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning was on time, professional, and very knowledgeable. He took the time to inspect our rain drain to our dry well and do everything he could to alleviate the issue. I would highly recommend Apollo, they were informative and straight forward. Honesty is obviously a value they uphold for their customers.


    - Forrest W., Google Review


    I can’t begin to tell you how pleased we were with the service we received today from Anthony. He was incredibly personable and friendly. He went above and beyond and made the service call painless. Anthony took care of our clogged train in no time. Apollo and Anthony are the best! We highly recommend them.


    - Jennifer T., Google Review

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