Gresham Trenchless Sewer Repair Services

Gresham Trenchless Sewer Repair

At Apollo Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, our expert team is highly trained in the new and innovative field of trenchless technology. We are dedicated to solving old-fashioned problems with new solutions. These new solutions cover a vast area of different forms of repair and can save time and money in the process.

How Trenchless Sewer Repair Works

How Trenchless Sewer Repair WorksIn the days beforeai trenchless options were available, the only way to repair damaged pipes was to excavate them using a trenching process. This process involved digging into floorboards or lawns in long trenches that enabled service professionals to get to the problem areas. This caused homeowners to have to suffer through the decimation of lawns or parts of homes, costly repair fees, and prolonged periods of repair on their sewer lines. The entire ordeal was exhaustive and expensive. To combat this, trenchless technology was created that bypasses the need to cut into lawns or residences.

Trenchless Sewer Repair Methods

Instead, small access lines are made and linings and tools gain access to the areas they are needed.

Cameras are also sent down to ensure the right area and diagnosis are discovered before any treatment begins, repairing processes much more reliable as well, and these include:
  • Pipe Bursting
    Pipe bursting is a trenchless method of replacing pipelines that are deep underground (such as sewer, water, or natural gas pipes) without the need for a traditional construction trench. Using a busting-head, the original pipe is broken up as a new pipe is set in its place. This type of repair is done as a last resort when pipes need to be removed because they are too structurally compromised.
  • Point Repair
    A flexible tube is inserted into the damaged pipe. This inserted pipe is installed by just digging one hole, which means major excavation isn’t required. This is why it is also sometimes called point repair because it typically requires the plumber to just create one hole or access point. This can be used to fix only small problems in pipes like cracks or fissures, and Cure in place piping will fix full pipelines if they need to be fully replaced.
  • CIPP
    CIPP is a process in which pipe re-lining is used to install a Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP). This cured-in-place lining conforms to the contours of the original pipe. The inner new lining that is placed within the old pipe acts as a brand new pipe and stops leakages, cracks, or other structural issues in the original pipe. This process is done when there is a large crack in the pipe, but the structural integrity of the original pipe is strong enough to support an inner liner without causing further damage to the sewer system.

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If you or anyone you know may need trenchless repair to fix damaged piping, or help in diagnosing a sewer problem, give Apollo Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning a call. Our highly trained service professionals will care for your Gresham home in Oregon and leave you with peace of mind.

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