Experienced Water Heater Replacement in Tigard

It’s convenient when considering appliance renewal such as water heater replacement to drop in another, similar model. These days, even basic water heaters have improved energy efficiency, and hybrid or tankless choices can make a big difference in your energy bill for years to come. Depending on your family size and usage patterns, our experts can recommend great hot water options for your home. If water heater repair is what you need right now, count on our plumbers and technicians to provide quick service to restore your hot water or help avoid leaks from your hot water tank. We’ll address electric, gas, and hybrid heat sources, thermostats, and safety valves or anode rod protection on tank-based systems. When you get error codes, energy use spikes, puddles on the floor, odd smells from your hot water or the wrong temperature, reach out and we’ll take care of it.

When you notice signs like these, it’s time to give your water heater some attention:
  • Signs of leaks nearby
  • Higher energy use
  • No hot water, or a short supply
  • Unusual sounds or odors
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