When you need an air conditioning company in Vancouver that you can count on, call us at Apollo Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning. We are the specialists you’ve been looking for when it comes to cooling your home.
When you call us, one of our specialists in heating and air conditioning in Vancouver will be at your house soon. We’ll assess your AC needs, then get to work and get your air conditioning back on soon.

Air Conditioning Repair in Vancouver, WA

If you’ve been searching for air conditioning repairs near me”, then you’re in the right spot. Our team would be happy to help you get your air conditioner fixed fast. We’ll figure out what has gone wrong, then tailor our repair to your specific needs.
Stop worrying about your air conditioning repair in Vancouver, WA, and get our team on the job ASAP. We’ll take your stress away and get your cool air back, too!

Air Conditioning Replacement

If it’s time to get a new air conditioner, rely on our team from Apollo today. Our Vancouver home air conditioning experts will connect you with the best new air conditioner for your needs. We’ll take into account the size of your home, the number of people who live there, and how low you like to keep temperatures at home.

Air Conditioning Installation in Vancouver, WA

We can handle your air conditioning installation in Vancouver, WA, too. Purchase your new AC from us or get it yourself, then give us a call. We’ll get your new air conditioner working well for you fast, so you’ll always have the cool air you need, no matter what happens.

Our Vancouver home air conditioning team makes sure that every air conditioner we install meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s specifications for the products. That way, we can be sure you’ll always have the cooling power you want.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

As your experts in heating and air conditioning in Vancouver, we recommend calling for AC maintenance at least once a year. We’ll look over your whole system, clean it out, test each part, and work with you to schedule any repairs you might need. Our team is always happy to help you keep your air conditioner working efficiently, no matter what it takes.

Emergency AC Repairs

Sometimes, air conditioners break down when it’s just not convenient. If this happens to you, give us a call. We offer emergency AC repairs in Vancouver, so you can always rely on us even when the timing is bad. We’ll take your call, then get someone out to your house as soon as possible because we know how badly you need your AC when it’s hot outside.

Call Apollo Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning for Air Conditioning Repairs!

Call Apollo, your air conditioning company in Vancouver, whenever you need to have work done on your AC. We’ll make sure we find the solutions you’ve been looking for, so you’ll always be able to stay comfortable at home, no matter how high temperatures get outside. Call us today to schedule an appointment soon.

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