Hello October! Scents of pumpkin spice fill the air and children get excited to dress up in a costume and the opportunity to collect free candy! When they come back inside after walking for many blocks, you’ll want to keep them warm and cozy! If your thermostat is a Smart Thermostat, you could change the temperature from an app on your phone and have your home heated up before you get there!

If your thermostat looks like the one on the left, it’s time for an upgrade.

There are a lot of reasons to upgrade your thermostat. Here are a few.

thermostats improving the efficiency of air conditioners in Portland or


When you upgrade your thermostat, your entire HVAC system will run more efficiently. This means longer-lasting HVAC equipment and less wear and tear on your system.


If you already have energy-saving HVAC equipment, then you can save even more with a Smart Thermostat. By using the app to set, monitor, and change your temperature as needed, you’re not leaving your home to stay at one temperature the entire day regardless if anyone is home.

A Smart Thermostat can be set to change temperatures when you need it to.


smart thermostats in Portland or
With a Smart Thermostat, you’re using newer technology that was created to make your life easier. The ability to change your home’s temperature when you’re not even it is pretty amazing! Go on vacation and forget to turn the heat down? No problem! Need your home to be warm when you get there?

Just adjust it from your phone!

Our HVAC Technicians are fully trained to install Smart Thermostat technology and make sure that it is properly integrated into your HVAC system. Give us a call for the purchase and installation of the

Pro Ecobee 5 which works with your Alexa!

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