HVAC Services in Vancouver, WA

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Add years to the life of your plumbing and home comfort equipment. Keep it operating at peak efficiency for lower utility bills.

Annual Maintenance includes:
  • Clean your outside Home Comfort components.
  • Comprehensive operational and safety inspection.
  • Replacing your air filters (There’s a small additional cost if you don’t have them)
  • Flush eligible water heater, check the settings, venting, strapping, and shut off.*
  • Inspect all accessible plumbing and fixtures indoors and out for slow drains and leaking (including crawl spaces and attics if accessible).
  • Check toilets for leaks, looseness, and stability.
  • Test water for chlorine.

Members will receive a 10% discount on everything. Service, Installation, Parts, and Labor! EVERYTHING!

All service and repairs are backed with 2 years of protection instead of 1.

1 Plumbing Inspection and up to 2 HVAC maintenance visits per year. Keep your system operating at peak efficiency.

Emergency service priority scheduling.*

No overtime charge for Emergency Service and priority scheduling, 365 days a year.


Free virtual emergency water shut-off assistance.

When it’s time to schedule your maintenance.

Members will receive two HVAC inspections and one plumbing inspection per year of membership to ensure top performance for their heating, cooling, and plumbing systems.

You’ll have a dedicated phone number that gets you to the front of the line for service and repairs.

Services Included

Plumbing Inspection
  • Water heater flush on eligible tanked water heaters.*
  • Test all drains for proper flow.
  • Perform dye tests on all toilets to check for leaks.
  • Inspect supply line to the toilet for leaks/wear, toilet supply valve for leaks/wear, drain piping under sinks for leaks, water supply lines for leaks/wear, supply valves for all sinks for leaks/wear, washing machine supply lines, washing machine supply valves for leaks/wear, water heater strapping, home main water shut off (and tag if necessary).
  • Ensure washer machine drain hose is secure, the water heater is set to a proper and safe temperate, and home water pressure is within a safe range.

HVAC Services

Gas Furnace

(19 Point Inspection)

  • Clean furnace cabinet.
  • Perform test for carbon monoxide
  • Test thermostat and adjust programming if necessary.
  • Inspect exposed ductwork, inspect and change/clean air filter, blower wheel, fan blades and check amp draw bearings, oil if accessible, exhaust venting and combustion air intake, wiring condition, control boards, heat exchanger, burners, pilot, ignition system, condensate lines, pneumatic ports and limit switches, flame rod/electrode.
  • Check capacitors, check and adjust gap pressure.
Electric Furnace

(12 Point Inspection)

  • Clean furnace cabinet.
  • Inspect exposed ductwork, blower wheel, fan blades, and check amp draw, oil bearings if accessible, wiring condition, sequences, elements, relays, control board.
  • Inspect and clean/change air filters.
  • Test the thermostat and adjust programming if necessary.
  • Check and clean condensate lines if applicable.
AC/Heat Pump
  • Non-chemical outdoor coil wash (if water is available).
  • Test thermostat and adjust programming if necessary.
  • Inspect air conditioner refrigerant charge, indoor evaporator coil, condensate lines, wiring condition, control board, blower wheel, fan blades, check amp draw in cooling mode.
  • Inspect and clean or change filters.
  • Take indoor and outdoor temperature.
  • Check amp draw of fan motor and compressor. Check and clean contactors.
  • Oil motor bearing if accessible.
  • Any recommended repairs while performing maintenance visits are excluded.
  • HVAC system(s) must be operational to perform regularly scheduled maintenance.
  • Tankless water heater flushes are not included in the program flush benefits.
  • Supply of air filters are not included in the program benefits.
  • Emergency Services: No cooling, no heating, no water, active water leak, or flooding.
  • Honored Citizen: Seniors, Veterans, and First Responders.
  • Maintenance Anti-Guarantee Periods: Summer: June 1st – September 1st, and Winter: December 1st – March 1st

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