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Being a part of our membership is a powerful tool in helping to maintain your home and comfort

REPAIR DISCOUNTS: Members will receive a 10% discount on standard repairs. Water heaters, water treatment systems, HVAC systems, water service
replacements and sewer repair.

PRIORITY SERVICE: Members will receive the first rights to available appointments when calling to schedule regular maintenance. Members calling for repair will be given first available appointment and priority to move up over the non-members in the event of an opening in our schedule.

AFTER HOURS DISCOUNT: Customer will receive 10% discount on all emergency discount fees during after hours.

CONVENIENT ANNUAL BILLING: Members will enjoy the benefit of automated convenient monthly billing. Depending on the day you sign up, payments will be processed on either the 16th or 28th of every month which will maintain your Membership status and benefits.

NO HVAC FEES: Customers enrolled in our Total Home Care Club or HVAC Comfort Club Membership will not be charged any fees for heating and cooling diagnostic work.

LOYALTY DISCOUNT: Members will receive a $50 loyalty discount on new equipment and accumulate an additional $50 per year of active membership, up to a maximum discount of $500. New equipment is defined as, water heating systems, water treatment systems, heating and air conditioning systems, water service replacement and main sewer repair.

NO DIAGNOSTIC FEES: Customer’s enrolled in our Total Home Care Club Membership will not be charged consultation fees for plumbing and/or drain services.

EMAIL REMINDERS: We will make reasonable attempts to reach members by email to provide favorable scheduling. It is the responsibility of the Member to ensure they schedule their maintenance visits. Credits/refunds will not be made in the event a Member fails to schedule a visit.

ONE TIME INSPECTIONS: Members will receive two HVAC inspections and one plumbing inspection per year of membership to ensure top performance for their heating, cooling and plumbing systems.

DEDICATED PHONE NUMBER: As a Member you will have a designated phone number. When the member calls Apollo for service that designated phone number will notify our CSR’s that you are a Member and ensures that you will receive priority service in the event of an opening in our schedule.



  • Test all drains for proper flow.
  • Perform dye test on all toilets to check for leaks.
  • Inspect supply line to toilet for leaks/wear, toilet supply valve for leaks/wear, drain piping under sinks for leaks, water supply lines under sinks for leaks/wear, supply valves for all sinks for leaks/wear, washing machine supply lines, washing machine supply valves for leaks/wear, water heater strapping, home main water shut off (and tag if necessary).
  • Ensure washer machine drain hose is secure, water heater is set to a proper and safe temperate, home water pressure is within a safe range.



  • Clean furnace cabinet.
  • Perform test for carbon monoxide
  • Test thermostat and adjust programming if necessary.
  • Inspect exposed ductwork, inspect and change/clean air filter, blower wheel, fan blades and check amp draw bearings, oil if accessible, exhaust venting and combustion air intake, wiring condition, control boards, heat exchanger, burners, pilot, ignition system, condensate lines, pneumatic ports and limit switches, flame rod/electrode.
  • Check capacitors, check and adjust gap pressure.


  • Clean furnace cabinet.
  • Inspect exposed ductwork, blower wheel, fan blades, and check amp draw, oil bearings if accessible, wiring condition, sequences, elements, relays, control board.
  • Inspect and clean/change air filters.
  • Test the thermostat and adjust programming if necessary.
  • Check and clean condensate lines if applicable.


  • Non-chemical outdoor coil wash (if water is available).
  • Test thermostat and adjust programming if necessary.
  • Inspect air conditioner refrigerant charge, indoor evaporator coil, condensate lines, wiring condition, control board, blower wheel, fan blades, check amp draw in cooling mode.
  • Inspect and clean or change filters.
  • Take indoor and outdoor temperature.
  • Check amp draw of fan motor and compressor. Check and clean contactors.
  • Oil motor bearing if accessible.

Pricing varies depending on number and size of HVAC units.

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4.8 Stars | 1,000+ Google Reviews
4.8 Stars | 1,000+ Google Reviews

    Apollo jetted the basement drain line in our old 1927 Portland house. The line has been backing up thru the floor drain for a while. The technician cleared out the line with the hydro-jet, and it’s running great now. On-time and professional!


    - Tim T., Google Review


    Apollo Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning was on time, professional, and very knowledgeable. He took the time to inspect our rain drain to our dry well and do everything he could to alleviate the issue. I would highly recommend Apollo, they were informative and straight forward. Honesty is obviously a value they uphold for their customers.


    - Forrest W., Google Review


    I can’t begin to tell you how pleased we were with the service we received today from Anthony. He was incredibly personable and friendly. He went above and beyond and made the service call painless. Anthony took care of our clogged train in no time. Apollo and Anthony are the best! We highly recommend them.


    - Jennifer T., Google Review

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