A leaking faucet can drive you nuts. First, there’s the incessant drip, drip, drip. Second, there’s the fact that money and water are flowing down the drain. One drip per second adds up to more than 3,000 gallons of lost water per year, according to Watersense.

Why is My Faucet Dripping?

Faucets drip for several different reasons. Public water systems, including those around Portland, naturally contain minerals. Minerals can build up in pipes and fixtures. The pH level in water may corrode pipes. Faucets sometimes contain defective parts.

Back in the day, installing a new washer would fix most drips. Today, homes contain several types of faucets, and a worn washer isn’t always behind the leaks. Sometimes, installing a new faucet is the best way to stop a drip.

Some people still like to tinker with their plumbing, making multiple runs to the hardware store, taking wild a guess at what is causing the problem. Sometimes, it works out.

You can save yourself frustration by contacting a professional. Why not enjoy your free time while a plumber makes what is (for them) a straightforward repair? Besides wasting money, procrastinating on plumbing repairs inevitably leads to bigger problems.

Common Faucet Problems

Broken Pipes: Cracked pipes and fittings can mess with water pressure. Repairing them is the most involved type of fix for a leaking faucet. Fortunately, this cause of leaks isn’t too common.

Corrosion in a Valve Seat: Valve seats connect components in the faucet’s compression unit. If they corrode, they create leaks around the spout. Your plumber can help you clean the valve seat regularly to prevent corrosion.

Oh no, O-ring! Cartridge faucets can develop problems with their O-rings. The ring can loosen over time. If that happens, the handle may leak. Plumbers fix this problem by taking apart the fixture and replacing the O-ring.

A Loose Screw: Rings, screws, and nuts wear out over time. If the fasteners get loose, the handle will wobble and leak water. A plumber may repair the leak by tightening some parts. Other times they may need to replace the faucet or some of its components.

Washed Out: Washer problems still cause woes for homeowners. A washer can wear out, or it may be the wrong size. If the washer isn’t installed correctly, your faucet will drip.

Broken Seals: Accumulating minerals and sediment damage the inlet and outlet seals on a disc faucet. Your plumber can help you replace the seals and may recommend regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent the problem.

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