You might not need your AC during the spring nearly as much as you do during the summer. There might be times you don’t run it at all. However, the summer season will happen, and spring is when you should have HVAC maintenance done to get ready for the hot weather. Many industry professionals suggest servicing twice a year, often in the fall and spring. These are the two times to get an HVAC system ready for the stressful conditions coming up. If you want reliable and efficient cooling in your home during the summer, then you need to know why spring HVAC maintenance is so crucial.

You’ll Know You’re Ready

There are many physical or tangible benefits to spring HVAC maintenance, but one of them is purely psychological. It’s the peace of mind in knowing that your system has been prepared for the summer season. The first truly hot days of summer might catch you off guard, but you’ll get to walk into your home and enjoy refreshingly cool air. The physical relief of that will be welcomed by everyone in your home when other homeowners are scrambling to arrange for technicians for their own air conditioners. HVAC technicians are usually more available in the spring, so you’ll get service faster than in most cases. It’s better for them to find and fix or prevent problems in the spring than in the summer.

Less Chance of Breakdowns

It’s not really possible to prevent all air conditioner breakdowns, but routine maintenance will certainly minimize the odds of one happening during the summer. Modern units can last 15 years, but they are mechanically complicated devices. Individual parts can wear out, and the whole system can fail as a result. Summer is usually when an air conditioner is under the most strain, so you need a technician to come out before then and see if everything under the hood is ready for the marathon performance required. An AC unit that might run fine in the spring or other milder weather conditions might not be ready for the summer strain. Professional technicians can see which parts or components might need some attention or replacement. Identifying small problems in advance can help stop them from becoming serious issues when your home needs cooling the most.

Keep Your Warranty Intact

Many central HVAC systems have parts warranties that last for several years. While modern HVAC technology is very durable and efficient, some defective parts and units still happen. However, a system that is maintained properly isn’t likely to ever need a warranty. If you don’t want to spend any more money than you have to, the protection is still a nice thing to have. Extended warranties might last up to a decade. However, if a warranty part does wind up failing, your manufacturer might request documentation proving that the system was maintained properly. They don’t want to pay out for a breakdown that might have been a result of negligence. Most HVAC technicians can provide the necessary documentation for your records, and a good number of them are even factory-trained or certified by many manufacturers.

Better Energy Efficiency

Air conditioners that don’t get maintenance are more likely to wind up breaking down. However, even one that is still working might not be working at its peak level of efficiency. If that happens, it’s working harder and using more energy just to maintain the level of comfort you expect in your home. In the case of summer heat, that might be a lot of energy. You might already be braced for spending more on electricity in the summer, but you might be shelling out a lot more than you need due to needless energy waste. Spring HVAC maintenance can help restore or maintain energy efficiency, and that’s one of two ways that you can save money because of these seasonal service calls.

It’s Cheaper Now

Keeping your air conditioning running at maximum levels of efficiency helps keep your utility bills low. However, that’s not the only way to save money with spring service calls. A tune-up is an affordable service when compared to the potential costs involved with emergency repairs later. Your technician in the spring might spot future issues with the compressor and correct them at that time. Alternatively, the compressor could go out during the summer and take the whole system down with it. You’d be facing hundreds or potentially even thousands of dollars in repair costs at a time when parts and professionals are in their highest demand. You’d also be without air conditioning until you get things fixed. Repairs and part replacements are inevitable in any air conditioner, but regular seasonal service calls can reduce their severity, frequency, and cost. Investing in regular maintenance saves you money on your system over time because it lasts longer.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Air quality is just as crucial to your family as saving money or staying comfortable. Indoor air quality refers to the quality of air inside properties, and it impacts the health of people who spend a lot of time inside those structures. Your HVAC professional should inspect your system for biological contaminants and pollutants, including bacteria and mold. Constant exposure to poor-quality air that isn’t circulated like outdoor air is could result in chronic illnesses for anyone living with you. A well-maintained air conditioner cleans the air and moves fresh air in on a regular basis.

Environmentally Friendly

Maintaining your air conditioner is a friendly thing to do for the environment if that’s something that you’re personally passionate about. Any appliance or system that runs with more efficiency uses less power. That reduces carbon footprints left behind by fossil fuels burned for generating electricity. Also, a system that lasts longer won’t go into a landfill as quickly. Properly maintained air conditioners also don’t leak their refrigerants nearly as much, if at all. While the refrigerants responsible for the ozone hole have largely been phased out, their replacements are still greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.

Ductwork Damage

When you go too long without maintenance, various parts of your HVAC system are going to get dirty and start breaking down. That can lead to issues in your home’s ductwork. If it gets too dirty, your system has to start working harder just to get cool air through the ducts and out the vents or registers. You might also wind up with cold or hot spots in different areas of your home for uneven cooling. If the ductwork winds up with holes, tears, or cracks, then cooled air might escape before getting to its distribution points.

Schedule Maintenance Today

Don’t let yourself slide on arranging for your spring HVAC maintenance. If you’re not sure when your system even had its last service call, then contact us at Apollo Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning right away for a unit inspection and seasonal maintenance. That will help ensure system performance when you need it most during the summer season. We also offer plumbing and drain services to Boise, ID; Portland, OR; and Vancouver, WA. Count on us at Apollo Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning for all your home’s heating, cooling, and indoor air quality needs.

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