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Hydro jetting is a fast, no-dig method of clearing clogs from pipes. It is an alternative to laborious and destructive methods such as sewer snakes and excavation. Hydro jetting cleans and clears pipes quickly and safely.

Most drain blockages don’t happen overnight. Many build up gradually with an accumulation of sludge. Add a little grease here, a few food particles there, some soap scum and mineral deposits, and eventually a drain will stop running. Hydro jetting is superior to other methods because it cleans pipes, preventing blockages caused by buildup.

What is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting sends a stream of high-pressure water down a drain cleanout. A cleanout is a small opening used by plumbers to access pipes. No digging is required with hydro jetting.

A thin, flexible hose fitted with a nozzle head is inserted into a pipe. At the other end, the hose is attached to a hydro-jet machine equipped with a large tank of water. The machine pressurizes the water. The hose can spray at up to 3,500 psi, thoroughly cleaning the pipes.

Plumbers send water through the line at high speed. The pipes are scoured by the pressure of the water. Sludge lining the pipes is liquified. Jets of water break apart the clog and flush it down the pipe.

A technician may use video or sonar technology to pinpoint a clog. Video allows the plumber to see what is causing the blockage. A small camera is sent into the pipe and a plumber watch from the above-ground as the camera sends images to a monitor. A nozzle head is chosen based on the type and location of the clog.

Why Use Hydro Jetting to Clean Pipes?

Hydro jetting removes clogs using only the power of water. Sewer snakes use spinning metal that can damage pipes. A snake will cut through a clog but can’t fix the underlying cause of the problem. While a cable may clear the line, the Jetter will clean the line!

Hydro jetting is an economical choice because not only does it remove clogs, but it also keeps pipes clean for a long time. When the buildup is removed from your pipes, it’s less likely that a clog will form any time soon.

Hydro jetting is ideal in many situations. But where pipes are particularly frail, any type of clog-removal may cause damage. Our plumbers assess the situation before recommending how to remove a clog.

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